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Scimitar 100D EF


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Quick Overview

Scimitar 100D EF - 100ltr capacity, three motored heavy duty dry industrial vacuum cleaner, fitted with an electronic filter shaker. Upgradable to full wet and dry at a later date.
Heavy duty construction, perfect for fine powdery dusts, wood waste, metals, plastics and general heavy duty day to day cleaning.
Stainless steel, 'M' Class & HEPA Filter & internal bagging options.


Scimitar 100D EF (Electronic Filter Shaker).

The Scimitar 100D EF is robust 60litre capacity three motored industrial vacuum cleaner fitted as standard with an electronic filter shaker.
As with all CIVS industrial vacuum cleaner the Scimitar 100D EF has been built to withstand heavy day to day use thanks to its solid build quality and ease of use.
The electronic filter is operated by a press of the filter shaker button on the front of the machine, the motors will stop and a twenty second cleaning cycle will commence, once complete the motors will automatically restart.

Standard Equipment.
Scimitar 100ltr capacity Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner complete with:

Heavy Duty four-wheeled chassis fitted with:
    3 motored power unit with 10mtr power cable
    2 x 200mmØ fixed wheels & 2 x 150mmØ castors with brakes
    360° Impact protection bar/handle
    Accessories basket
Steel Filter Chamber fitted with:
    Electronic Filter Shaker
    ‘L’ CLASS filter as standard
    Stainless steel cyclone separator plate
    Tangential hose inlet
    Port ready for fitment of Bagging System
100ltr capacity steel drop down drum fitted with:
    4 x Castors 
    4 x Maneuvering handles
    Port ready for full Wet & Dry Conversion Kit

Upgrades & Accessories.
    Stainless steel upgrade.
    Wet Upgrade. Upgrade to full a full Wet & Dry vacuum at a later date.
    Full tool kit.
    Hose. 60mmØ (2⅜") diameter. Standard, heavy duty (anti-static as standard). 
      5 and 10 metre lengths, use hose connector to join hoses together.

    Filter upgrades. ‘M’ CLASS, HEPA, Anti-static and Heat Resistant.
    Internal Bagging Kit.
    Lift & Tip System.
    Separator Lids.
    Separator Skips (400ltr).

    Fine powders through to bulky materials.
    Joinery shops and woodworking applications.
    Metalworking waste and grinding dusts.
    Agricultural use, grain stores, feed mills.
    General heavy duty day to day cleaning.

Technical Specifications

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