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CIVS - Scimitar Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Takes The Heat in United Arab Emirates.

A major chocolate manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates has recently purchased a Thunder 1000 incinerator from Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd for the rapid incineration of large quantities of high moisture waste. Addfield manufacture and provide high quality industrial incinerators for animal, pet, marine and medical incineration, designed and made in Cannock, England.
The Thunder 1000 incinerator is easily loaded via the top of the unit and has a load capacity of 1000kg; fitted with a brick lined sloping refractory which is not often used but has been proven to be the most cost and time effective. Despite the incredibly high efficiency of the incinerator naturally there will still be a small amount of ash left over after the operation, typically just
1-3% and this is where CIVS comes in.

Incinerator & Scimitar - Cropped

For this particular company Addfield and CIVS selected the Scimitar industrial vacuum cleaner, due to the small amount of ash left over after the incineration process the 60 litre capacity version of the Scimitar was selected although a 100 litre version is also available.
Scimitar60DEF_front_angleThe ash is removed by the Scimitar from the Thunder 1000 in a matter of minutes largely due to the high performance provided by the Scimitars three powerful single phase motors (220-240v or 110v) which can be operated independently if required.

But all of this substantial power would be nothing without quality filtration and the Scimitar certainly has that, for this application a Heat Resistant filter was selected backed up with a certified HEPA filtration module to ensure the highest levels of filtration. The Scimitar range is fitted as standard with an electronic filter shaker where the filter is maintained by the simple press of a button on the front of the vacuum cleaner.

Scimitar Electronic Filter Shaker filter_thing
Scimitar's electronic filter shaker and filter.

The large diameter (60mm) heavy duty suction hose enables large quantities of ash to be gulped down incredibly quickly whilst a full set of stainless steel hand tools allows for the cleaning of the nooks and crannies around the incinerator and general day to day cleaning in the incinerator house.

Dry_tool_kit10 Metre HD Hose with Cuffs.Bagging_System8

Cambridge Industrial Vacuum Systems provides a large range of industrial vacuum cleaners for all manner of heavy duty cleaning applications supplying companies throughout the World and is proud to supply vacuum cleaner solutions for Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.