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  • CIVS - Scimitar Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Takes The Heat in United Arab Emirates.

    A major chocolate manufacturer in the United Arab Emirates has recently purchased a Thunder 1000 incinerator from Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd for the rapid incineration of large quantities of high moisture waste. Addfield manufacture and provide high quality industrial incinerators for animal, pet, marine and medical incineration, designed and made in Cannock, England.
    The Thunder 1000 incinerator is easily loaded via the top of the unit and has a load capacity of 1000kg; fitted with a brick lined sloping refractory which is not often used but has been proven to be the most cost and time effective. Despite the incredibly high efficiency of the incinerator naturally there will still be a small amount of ash left over after the operation, typically just
    1-3% and this is where CIVS comes in.

    Incinerator & Scimitar - Cropped

    For this particular company Addfield and CIVS selected the Scimitar industrial vacuum cleaner, due to the small amount of ash left over after the incineration process the 60 litre capacity version of the Scimitar was selected although a 100 litre version is also available.
    Scimitar60DEF_front_angleThe ash is removed by the Scimitar from the Thunder 1000 in a matter of minutes largely due to the high performance provided by the Scimitars three powerful single phase motors (220-240v or 110v) which can be operated independently if required.

    But all of this substantial power would be nothing without quality filtration and the Scimitar certainly has that, for this application a Heat Resistant filter was selected backed up with a certified HEPA filtration module to ensure the highest levels of filtration. The Scimitar range is fitted as standard with an electronic filter shaker where the filter is maintained by the simple press of a button on the front of the vacuum cleaner.

    Scimitar Electronic Filter Shaker filter_thing
    Scimitar's electronic filter shaker and filter.

    The large diameter (60mm) heavy duty suction hose enables large quantities of ash to be gulped down incredibly quickly whilst a full set of stainless steel hand tools allows for the cleaning of the nooks and crannies around the incinerator and general day to day cleaning in the incinerator house.

    Dry_tool_kit10 Metre HD Hose with Cuffs.Bagging_System8

    Cambridge Industrial Vacuum Systems provides a large range of industrial vacuum cleaners for all manner of heavy duty cleaning applications supplying companies throughout the World and is proud to supply vacuum cleaner solutions for Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.


  • Katana ATEX Certified Vacuum Cleaner Range

    Katana60_ATEX_front_angle (1)

    Katana ATEX compressed air powered industrial vacuum cleaner, 60 & 100 litre capacities available.

    There is a new addition to the CIVS industrial vacuum cleaner range.

    The NEW Katana ATEX Certified Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

    Introducing the Katana ATEX range of industrial vacuum cleaners that are certified to operate in ATEX 22 areas.
    Like the standard Katana versions the ATEX Katana range is powered by connecting the vacuum to a compressed air supply meaning that the vacuums are quiet at just 70dba and have no moving parts or wearing parts.

    Performance is the same as the standard Katana models and like the standard range they are also available with 60 and 100 litre capacity easy to empty drop down drums.

    The drum and filter chamber is constructed from tough stainless steel (grade 304) and comes fitted with its own heavy duty chassis.
    Like all of the CIVS vacuum cleaners the Katana ATEX models are fitted as standard with a large filter and a filter shaker to keep the efficiency even when removing fine powders.

    The Katana ATEX range can be fitted with a number of accessories and upgrades which include a HEPA filter module, long suction hoses and a variety of anti-static cleaning tools for all applications.

    Click here to view Katana ATEX

  • Katana Vacuum Cleaner Removes Grinding Dust From London Underground Carriage Refurbishment

    Katana in Action London Underground 2

    Katana 60D fitted with two 25 metre hoses.

    Unknown to most the carriages of the London Underground go through extensive refurbishment in order to keep them clean, safe and provide a pleasant environment for the millions of travelers.
    One of the many refurbishment tasks is to replace the interiors, this includes seating, paneling and the flooring.

    When the old flooring is stripped from the trains the glue remains on the floor and has to be removed prior to the fitment of the new flooring. To remove the glue heavy duty sanding machines are used, this of course produces a lot of very fine dust and this is where the CIVS Katana compressed air industrial vacuum cleaners comes in to play.

    Katana in Action London Underground 1

    Katana vacuum cleaner removing grinding dust from carriage.

    Due to the phenomenal performance of the Katana vacuum cleaners two separate twenty five metre lengths of hose are fitted to just one Katana enabling the one vacuum cleaner to remove the sanding dust directly from two sanders at once saving of a massive amount of time and expenditure in additional cleaning up. As the dust is collected directly at the sanders disc no dust is left to float around the carriages. The dust is collected in the easy to empty drop down drum which simply lower down with the push of a handle and can be wheeled away to empty.

    The Katana vacuum cleaners are fitted with very large primary filters and due to the fine nature of the dusts these where upgraded to ‘M’ Class filters, in addition the vacuum cleaners are also fitted with a HEPA filter cartridge which again offers filtration down to sub-micron sizes ensuring a safe working environment.
    The filter performance is monitored by the pressure gauge on the front of the vacuum cleaner, filter maintenance is easily carried out by the manual filter shaker fitted as standard to all CIVS Katana vacuum cleaners.

    As the Katana vacuum cleaners are powered by compressed air there no moving parts within the machine meaning that the units are incredibly easy and inexpensive to maintain not to mention quiet at just 70 dBa.

    When not being used on the sanding application the Katana vacuum cleaners can be found performing the day to day cleaning tasks from around the depot.

    Katana in Action London Underground 3

    General day to day vacuum cleaning with the Katana 60.

    Click here to view the CIVS Katana range.

  • Rapier Vacuum Cleaner Range Cleans Up in Farms.

    The farm probably has more varied cleaning applications than any other industry, anything from large volumes of split grain, deep pits, big floor areas, machinery, mud and water even metal waste and welding spatter from the workshop can be found, this is to name but a few.




    Three Easy to Empty Drum Sizes.
    Rapier_front_angleRapier100D_front_angle Rapier140_front_angle

    The all-steel Rapiers are available in three sizes with drum capacities of 60, 100 and 140 litres, to empty the vacuum cleaner simply lift the handle in the front of the vacuum and the drop will drop down where it can be wheeled away for emptying.

    For heavy loads of grain the any of the Rapier vacuum cleaner drums can be fitted with the Lift & Tip System which enables the drum to be lifted by forklift and rotated, this is highly beneficial if emptying into a skip.

    forklift_drum_tip - CroppedBagging_System8


    Big Power, Big Filters & Filter Shakers.
    All of the Rapiers are fitted with three powerful motors which can be run independently if required. The large filters can cope with fine powdery dusts a manual filter shaker is fitted as standard to all Rapiers to aid in keeping the filter efficient.

    Tool Kits & Long Large Bore Hoses
    The heavy duty hose is 60mm in diameter and anti-static as standard. Hose comes in 5 and 10 metre lengths and it is possible to join lengths of hose together to suit different applications.
    The vacuum cleaner tools can be purchased individually or as Complete Tool Kits, are comprised of a carefully selected range of tools designed to give the operator an effective tool for the applications likely to be found in general day to day cleaning.


    Large Floor Area Cleaning
    All of the Rapier range can be fitted with the self-leveling, 760mm wide front mounted floor tool, this enables the vacuum cleaner to be rapidly pushed making removing heavy dust and grain from big barns very easy indeed.

    IMG_6946IMG_6967 - Copy

    Click here to watch the Rapier in action with the Front Mounted Floor Tool.

    Powerful and hard wearing the all steel Rapier heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner range from CIVS is ideally suited to the farms tough environment.

    Click here to view the Rapier range.


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