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Separator Basket

The Separator Basket is perfect whenever there is a need to separator solids from liquids. Simply place the Separator Basket into the vacuum cleaner drum the basket retains all the solids while the liquids are discharged via the Flexible liquids Discharge Hose. The 60 litre capacity makes handling and emptying very easy; for use with the 100 and 140 litre drums a stainless steel adaptor is supplied. Remove from drum for standard dry operation or to fit Bagging System. 

Separate solids from liquids.
            •  Easy to handle 60 litre capacity.
            •  Fits all 60, 100, 140 litre drums.
            •  Drain of liquids using the flexible drainage hose.
            •  Lift out to empty. Stainless steel construction.
            •  Overfill Float built in as standard.
            •  Add at the time of machine purchase or add at a later date.

Convert dry vacuums into full wet and dry machines with the Separator Basket.

There are two Separator Basket kits available, one for Wet & Dry machines which purely consists of the Separator Basket; the kit for Dry machines comes with the addition of the Flexible Liquids Discharge Hose, as the Separator basket comes with its own Liquids Overflow Float this will convert your dry machine into a full Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner.


           Kit Contents

 Kit for Dry Vacuums (full Wet & Dry conversion).

                  1 x Swarf Separator Basket
                  1 x Flexible Liquids Discharge Hose

                       Kit for Wet & Dry Vacuums.

                       1 x Swarf Separator Basket

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