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Internal Bagging System

Internal Bagging System

The Internal Bagging System enables the optional fitment of heavy duty disposable bags.

How it Works

The kits comprise of the stainless steel Grill, Depressor Hose and fittings, simply place the Grill in the base of the drum and connect the Depressor Hose from the drum to the Filter Chamber. When the vacuum is powered up the bag will be drawn tightly to the side of the drum allowing for complete filling of the bag whilst retaining the full cyclonic motion.

True Versitily

There are two kits available, one for Dry machines and one for Wet & Dry machines; the only difference between the kits is that the Depressor Hose is not required for Wet & Dry machines as the Flexible Liquids Discharge Hose fitted as standard to all CIVS Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners will act as the Depressor Hose.If adding the Internal Bagging System to a Wet & Dry machine the Grill will act as the optional fitment Liquids/Solids Grill removing large material for the collected liquids, just add the Liquids Overflow Float supplied with all Wet & Dry machines.If adding to a Dry vacuum the Depressor Hose also will serve as the Flexible Liquids Dicharge Hose, so all that is required to convert into the Dry vac into a full Wet & Dry machine is the Liquids Overflow Float.

Kit Contents

Kit for Dry Vacuums
1 x Stainless Steel Grill
1 x Depressor Hose
1 x Fitting Kit


Kit for Wet & Dry Vacuums
1 x Stainless Steel Grill
1 x Fitting Kit


Compatible Vacuum Cleaner Ranges

Rapier industrial vacuum cleaner range
Scimitar industrial vacuum cleaner range
Sabre industrial vacuum cleaner range

Katana industrial vacuum cleaner range